Our Philosophy

Television, mobile games, iPads and video games! Today's childhood is in the grips of so many gadgets!

On one hand we do want to explore how technology can aid learning and on the other we do want to ensure good positive exposure for our children.

In an era where grandparents and grandchildren fight over a turn of 'remote control', evening times are no more the same fun filled learning experiences. As our kids lose out on the opportunities of getting lost in a story, we face a unique challenge to save their imaginations.

Through the sessions of 'Story Education Pune' we plan to re-introduce stories in our children's lives. Stories have profound impact on children. And our carefully sculpted story experiences ensure kids walk away with lot more than just be mere entertained.

For specific information, you can contact-
1. Call: 8806660410
2. Email: StoryEducationPune@gmail.com

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