'Story Education Pune' conducts 'Story Telling' and 'Reading' sessions.

Currently the sessions/activities that we conduct are ONLY for children between 5 to 10 years of age.

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Story Sessions

'Weekend Story Telling Sessions' are conducted every year from January to March.

Stories narrated are from varied categories. Most of the stories have learnings to draw from. However some fun stories are also included for children to enjoy. Main story narration is in English. The batch sizes are small making them more in-person oral storytelling experiences for children.

Reading sessions

Apart from Story Telling, reading sessions are also conducted.

Group Reading Sessions -
Ever wonder when your child will pick up a book from the dozens of books you have bought for him/her? While children have the resources available, sometimes all they need is a little assistance!

Group reading sessions are conducted for improving the exposure to books and reading on their own. These sessions are excellent to help kids indulge in some leisure reading in the company of friends.

Personalized Reading Sessions -
These are highly personalized courses for small kids to improve reading skills.  Good reading skills are the basis for any language development. A typical read along programme runs for 8-10 months, but the love of reading it helps to develop in the child can last a life time!

Also, sometimes, a child might lag a little bit in reading level than his/her standard in school. These personalized reading sessions have been proved very effective for struggling readers, too, helping them improve their current reading level.

Guest Story Sessions

Guest Storytelling Sessions can also be conducted at your locations.
  • Main story narration for guest sessions can be in English or Marathi.
  • Oral storytelling can be very apt for libraries, book clubs, education institutes, schools or even activity centres.
Please call or email us for further details.

As of now all the story sessions are conducted by the Professional Storyteller Leena Kulkani.
Read her printed stories in Marathi, here.