Many times I come across requirements from parents where their children need to tell stories. It may be at school activity session or in some competition. We have a lot of classic children's stories available at our fingertips. Just google and we get a long list. We also have loads of books at home with beautiful illustrations!

Only one problem - even though very beautiful, wonderfully illustrated and skillfully narrated, these may not be easy for children to memorise and tell!

Here comes the 'One-Page-Story' initiative from Story Education Pune!
We have re-written some of the popular classic stories with simple wordings. These stories are simple to read. These are all of about a half to one page length

Check the stories by clicking on the links below. Feel free to download and share and print.

1) The Clever Crow

2) The Fox an The Crane

3) The Honest Woodcutter

4) The Lion and The Mouse

5) The Hare and The Tortoise

6) The Cane Plants and The Pine Tree

7) The Stag and Its Antlers

We take extreme care about quality while creating content. In spite of that some if some error has slipped due to oversight, do write to us at

Please send your comments and suggestions also at this email address. If you want a specific story re-written in simpler words, do let us know that too. We can plan it and include it in our next roll out.

Printed Stories

1) जोकरचे खोडरबर ( लोकसत्ता )

2) मोतीची राखण ( सकाळ )

3) वेळेचे महत्व ( सकाळ )

4) Kanga - The Runner ( Champak )

These Marathi/English stories were printed in newspapers/Magazines. The PDF version contains the photographs of the stories which you can zoom and read.